Chipster iPhone Case takes minimalist cases a bit too far

Chipster iPhone Case 1024x962 Chipster iPhone Case takes minimalist cases a bit too far

Whenever you go out and buy a brand new smartphone, you often find yourself dropping a couple hundred bucks, if not more. So it is sensible to spend a little extra cash to protect your investment. I’m not speaking about these extended warranties that don’t help if you drop your phone and crack the screen. No, I’m speaking about circumstances that save your cellphone whenever you drop it. It’s a sensible concept, since shopping for a brand new telephone the second time round tends to cost much more, because you gained’t be paying that backed cost. With that in mind, I have an interesting case to point out you today.

The Chipster iPhone Case has to be one of the crucial confusing merchandise I’ve seen in a while. Generally, the rationale a person buys a smartphone case is to guard their phone. So on the very least, it has a pleasant rubber or plastic coating that may take drops, hits, and scrapes like a champ. So why on earth would you make a case out of chipboard? If you happen to’re not conversant in chipboard, it’s basically only a thick paper stock made out of recycled materials. What’s more, it only covers the highest and bottom of the iphone on the front. Even the sides are fully exposed.

The one characteristic that this case has is that it can store as much as three credit score cards. While that may be a good characteristic to have, loads of other instances offer it. And while the $25 value isn’t precisely expensive, you could find others in that price range which might be really going to supply some safety to your phone.

Source: ChipChick